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My name is Yvonne aka REBBLEGIRL and i am a 28 year old SAHM of three. I love and enjoy making graphxs, i do this in my free time. My kids are my world and they come first before anything!! Please don't come to my personal journal if you have a problem, e-mail me at hot_stuff2003_19@yahoo.com
I will offer freebies and also take requests when i ask for them. I also take paid requests. 1.Use the subject lines that i ask for. 2.Please don't request if you aren't gonna use what i make you. 3. DON'T WASTE MY TIME!!! 4. COMMENT/CREDIT When you pick up your graphic. 5. You have 5 days to pick up your graphic. 6. If it isn't picked up on the 5th day, you will get a strike. Get three strikes and i will be forced to BANN YOU. 7. DON'T USE ANYTHING OUTSIDE LJ unless you clear it with me!!!

Please and thank you go a long way. I WON'T deal with rudeness...if you can't play nice You WILL be BANNED!! I do take the time to check and see if you use what I make you..and if you can't use what you request from me..Then DON'T request!! Let someone else have your spot that will use the icon.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket